The Homa Therapy is a Healing Science from the Ancient Ayurvedic Medicine. It is based on the performance of bioenergetic fires. The bioenergetic balance is health. The Homa Therapy is a Bioenergetic Science that like physics and mathematics is not based on belief. Homa is a Sanskrit word used here as synonymous of Yajnya.

Yajnya is a technical term of the Vedic Science of Bioenergy to define the process of elimination of the toxic conditions of the atmosphere through the action of fire. This means to use fire as a mediator tool to heal and purify the atmosphere. You heal the atmosphere and after, the atmosphere heals you. This is the central idea of the Homa Therapy. The expression “heal the atmosphere” has several ramifications that have not been researched yet by modern science.


The word Agnihotra comes from the Sanskrit words Agni (fire) and Hotra (sacred). It is the most basic and powerful bioenergetic fire of the Homa Therapy. Agnihotra receives the revitalizing, regenerative and subtle solar radiation during sunset and sunrise into the copper pyramid where the fire is prepared; afterwards, it spreads the energy that came in around. The toxic agents of the environment are renewed by this process and a state of purification is reached. Agnihotra helps to create a bioenergetic balance in all nature: atmosphere, soil, water, plants, animals and human beings.

Agnihotra is a very good alternative to reach the healing by means of the purifying fire of the atmosphere, which apart from functioning as a therapist, also allows its ashes to work as a beneficial product to alleviate illness. Without being a ritual or a ceremony, this purifying process also repairs the environment and recovers the mental and physical condition of everyone involved.

Applications of Agnihotra

The knowledge can be applied in diverse areas. The following list is illustrative and not exhaustive.


  • Eliminates stress and tension of the mind.
  • Cleans an area of negative thinking patterns that controls the mind.
  • Sets up a positive focus based in love.
  • Diminishes ire and the patterns of self-destructive habits.
  • Wakes up the motivation to free yourself from the addiction to drugs, alcohol and other destructive habits.


    • Proposes the cultivation of vegetables, fruits, cereals and other food, without chemical fertilizers: insecticides, pesticides and weed-killers. It strengthens the delicate energy balance of plants causing an alteration in the hormones of the reproductive organs of pests, etc. It is possible to grow a wide variety of food in a small area, introducing micro-climate techniques that will be self-operative, based on the phases of the moon and the sun and the HOMA fire.


    • Purifies the air that we breathe because it eliminates the toxins of the atmosphere.
    • Purifies the contaminated water.
    • Improves the nutritional content of the space between planets.
    • Sows the clouds in way that they will bring nutritious rains.
    • Specific YAJNYAS performed to restore the ozone filter damaged by the contamination.


    • It has medicinal powers for humans, animals and plants.
    • Produces HOMA atmosphere and HOMA ash to prevent and cure diseases, as it has been established in AYURVEDA.
    • Neutralizes the effects produced in the body because of the ingestion of radioactive food.   


PYRAMID: For the Agnihotra, a copper pyramid of a specific size is needed. Copper is an energy carrier. At the morning Agnihotra time, all the electricity, energies and ethers are attracted by the pyramid. At sunset, they moving away emitting energies in the shape of a pyramid.

BROWN RICE: Processed rice loses its nutritive value and that is the reason why brown rice is used instead. Only whole grains must be used in Agnihotra. Broken rice disrupts the structure of subtle energy, not being suitable for the healing fire of Agnihotra since the ash will not heal. GHEE (CLARIFIED BUTTER): Take cow’s milk butter without salt, and if possible, without chemical additives. Heat it over a low flame. Once the white solids appeared at the surface, fine strain the liquid. The strained liquid is clarified butter (ghee), which can stand long periods without refrigeration. Ghee is a very special medicinal substance. When it is used in Agnihotra fire, it acts as a bearer agent of subtle energies. A powerful energy lies within ghee.

COW DUNG BISCUITS: Take cow manure, from either the male or female. If fresh, mould the dung into pancake or biscuit shapes and dry in the sun. The cow manure has to be prepared in this way for Agnihotra fire. It has been used as medicine in all ancient civilizations by native Indians of North and South America, Scandinavia, Eastern and Western Europe, Africa and Asia.


Place a flat piece of dried cow dung at the bottom of the copper pyramid. Now, put more pieces of cow dung coated with ghee in the pyramid in a way that air can circulate among them. Light a small piece of cow dung with ghee and introduce it into the pyramid. Very soon, all the cow dung of the pyramid will catch fire as well. A hand fan can be used to help the flame, however, do not blow through the mouth to avoid the introduction of bacteria into the fire.

Do not use other combustible other than ghee to start the fire. At the exact time of sunrise or sunset, a good fire must be ready inside the pyramid as it is time for the offerings. Agnihotra consists of two offerings (rice) to the fire while two little Mantras in Sanskrit are recited.


There are vibrations that exist around you. Where there is vibration there is also sound. When Mantras are recited, the uttered sounds activate these special vibrations that will create certain atmosphere or effects. It is in this moment that the desired results are achieved. These vibrations exist for everything, so anything can be changed or controlled by Mantras: plants, animals, water, food and people. When one recites the Mantras with a pure mind and soul into the Agnihotra pyramid at the exact time, the ash will retain that energy and its healing properties will become more powerful.

Sunrise mantra:

Sooryáya Sváhá
(add the first portion of rice)
Sooryáya Idam Na Mama

Prajápataye Sváhá
(add the second portion of rice)
Prajápataye Idam Na Mama

Sunset mantra:

Agnaye Sváhá
(add the first portion of rice)
Agnaye Idam Na Mama

Prajápataye Sváhá
(add the second portion of rice)
Prajápataye Idam Na Mama

Meaning of the Mantras

Here you can find the meaning of the words in Sanskrit:

Sooryáya Sváhá – Offering to the Sun

Sooryáya Idam Na Mama – This belongs to the Sun, not to me (Thy will be done).

Prajápataye Sváhá – Offering to the Creator.

Prajápataye Idam Na Mama – This belongs to the Creator, not to me (Thy will be done).

Agnaye Sváhá – Offering to the Sacred Fire

Agnaye Idam Na Mama – This belongs to the Sacred Fire, not to me (Thy will be).

Tanslated from Fundación Huellas para la Humanidad (and http://www.homatherapy.org).