We would like to introduce Pascal Poot and his fantastic method of crop cultivation and selection of increasingly more resistant seeds.

Pascal Poot has been an organic seed producer for 20 years. At his 3 hectares of soil in the Herault region in France, he developed a method that allows to grow around 400 organic tomato varieties without water or pesticides. Despite the dry climate and the rocky soil of the region, each plant is able to produce 25 kilos of tomatoes, which makes his method extremely interesting taking into account the apparently adverse conditions. Pascal Poot based his investigations on the fact that contrary to weeds which propagate very easily, vegetables are very hard to grow. “Everybody grows vegetables protecting them as much as possible; in contrast, I induce them to defend themselves”, explains Mr. Poot. He creates his own drought-and-pest-resistant seeds, obtaining greater crop yield than traditional agriculture.

“At first, people thought I was crazy, but later on the neighbours realized I got more tomatoes than themselves and without fungus; then, they started talking and researchers came to visit me”, Mr. Poot says, who works with agricultural scientists and presents his results at Schools of Agricultural Engineering.

A portion of his seeds are illegally sold, as they have not been listed in the Official Catalogue of the Varieties of Plant Species. The law forbids the legalization of the seeds since “all the seeds, or most of them, were acquired by multinationals that create phytosanitary products and fertilisers…”

To gain recognition of his agricultural techniques, he organizes workshops for horticulturists and novices. Sébastian, who took part of one of them, has now more knowledge about plant functioning: “You can water the plant when it is planted and after leave it alone growing in a place with little water and diseases. For that, you have to trust Nature and within three years you will harvest seeds that will produce resistant plants whose parent generation underwent a genetic change in accordance with their evolutionary context”. He also says, that thanks to persons like Pascal and his team, in a few years we will be able to find tomatoes of all type of colours and shapes at the organic markets”.

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Catálogo de semillas de Pascal Poot.

You can also visit his blog, where you can also buy them and at: www.germinance.com