Esencia Viva is a project that was born for bringing to life new creations and alternatives.

There are two mainstays, sports and agriculture, as well as anything related to health and Nature.multiaventura4treking

We offer adventure sports all over Ibiza, creating a healthy and active alternative both for tourists and locals. We get into the wild and nature, sharing with you breath-taking landscapes that can be enjoyed all-year-round thanks to the mild weather of the island.

At the same time, we have developed a project of organic farming and permaculture in our rural property. We grow delicious vegetables, aromatic herbs and medicinal plants while we take great delight in the beautiful surroundings.

Workshops and activities are also offered in our space, growing together towards a sustainable, responsible and balanced life.

Our labour is committed to the Earth/soil and its rhythms.

By this we wish to do and live as we like, as well as sharing and passing the passion for sports, adventure, health and everything that comes from Nature to others.

Esencia Viva comes from a wishful thinking, a desire to do something different and especially the creation of something you believe in, from the knowledge that everything is possible and nothing is unreachable if you try and use all your energy, ideas and hope. It could sound a bit utopian or like a topic, but the everyday-work and the underlying happiness is the engine that drives, nourishes and allows an initiative of these characteristics. From all these concerns and the way life is understood, shared by Laia Ribes and Raúl Checa, two adventurous and pioneering youngsters, this project arises at the heart of Ibiza.

Esencia Viva is a way of life that uses a multidisciplinary project as a developmental tool, where Nature is the axis on which the different activities spin and give a sense to the whole. The origin is in the Earth and the health, in keeping the roots and preserving the traditions. At a routine day in the project you can find yourself attending a workshop of organic farming, permaculture or macrobiotic food, performing a yoga class or enjoying a spiritual retreat, giving a presentation or listening to a talk about environmental awareness or taking pleasure in adventure sports at the wonderful landscapes of Ibiza.

A charming farmhouse acts as the centre of operations at the northern part of the island, in the area of Benirràs, hemmed in the natural heritage known as Els Amunts. The landscape of the coast is filled with steep cliffs which open from time to time to lovely coves, while in the interior we can find limestone mountains covered with pines, junipers, savins, rosemary and strawberry trees. At the cliff area it wouldn’t be rare an encounter with a peregrine or Eleonora’s falcon, while inland blackbirds, owls, dormice or genets could be spotted. Against this background, it is not difficult to imagine yourself, alone or with your family or friends, ploughing through crystal waters on a kayak, climbing stunning rocky walls, rappelling enveloped by the smell of the Mediterranean Sea and the vegetation or, if you love challenges, enjoying an exciting day of multiadventure. Always, of course, with the company of the adventurer and travel lover Raúl, controlling all the details and making sure you are having a good time. After the rush of adrenaline, you can go back to your hotel or apartment, or drop by the farmhouse to meet Laia and drink a delicious infusion made with her magic hands. She will also be happy to give you advice about medicinal plants that she grows and pampers and to show you around, especially the wonders that come from the soil in the organic garden.

Esencia Viva is more than a center of adventure sports or workshops, and it is not only an organic food and medicinal garden, it is a place where everybody is welcomed, a place to have fun, learn and teach, to live together and raise awareness, to understand that if we do not respect Mother Nature and reach an equilibrium with her, we won´t be able to keep on enjoying her in the future. Thanks to Laia and Raúl, Ibiza, an island better known for its beauty and parties, displays a different face that we should value and take care of.”

Written by Estrella Tàpias, Tanit magazine, Eivissa 2015.