The therapy consist of the application of magnets of a certain force and polarity on specific points of the body.

With this therapy virus, bacteria, fungi or parasites, which are the cause of most of the severe diseases in humans, can be exterminated. Other diseases such as diabetes or arthritis can be also combated.

This natural therapy affects the blood flow and improves the transportation of oxygen, changes in the migration of calcium ions, modifies the pH of the liquids and increases the production of hormones of the endocrine glands.

Also detects unresolved emotions that distort the natural energy flow of the body which ultimately cause physical symptoms. The magnets free the body from the packages of information that create these emotions.

Therapeutic biomagnetism perceives the blocks at each chakra and balances them (bioenergetics).

Through asking questions to the body, answers about the origin and the causes of the affections are obtained (Kinesiology).

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